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The Bears Moved One Step Closer To Arlington Heights After Big Vote Last Night

The vote was also a potential win for the Chicago Bears, who have said that they would consider negotiating with the village for assistance in building a large multi-use district around a proposed stadium on the site of the former Arlington International Racecourse.

At Monday’s village board meeting, the panel unanimously rejected the proposed ordinance, which would have banned Arlington Heights from providing tax incentives, abatements or fee reductions to any business seeking to open a location within village limits.

The team has said that they would privately finance the stadium itself, but would potentially request tax dollars to help construct a large entertainment and multi-use district around the venue, which would include parks, shopping areas and other spaces.

The Bears say they hope to close a deal to purchase the site by early next year.

Even with the defeat, groups seeking to pass the ordinance still have another mechanism that they can use. Under terms of an ordinance passed in 1981, a petition can be circulated seeking to have the village board reconsider the ban on incentives.

CHOOO CHOOOO!!! Full steam ahead to Arlington Heights. The doors open on the left at the Bears new stadium. Feels like there is no stopping this thing now. Bears say they hope to have a deal closed within the next 6 months and even a vote which on it's surface feels like a loss for the Bears is being spun as a win. No public funding? No problem. Whatever cash the Bears would've gotten from the Village of Arlington in tax rebates can be more than made up for with concerts, Final Fours, and a Super Bowl. 

Lori Lightfoot could not be reached for comment as this was her reaction

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Anecdotally, it feels like the fan base is getting more and more on board with this move. It would be great if the Bears and the City didn't botch the remodel of Soldier Field 20 years ago, but they did. It is what it is and we all deserve a good football team with a state of the art NFL stadium. Another 15-20k fans in the building, bathrooms for everyone, and a chance to see a Super Bowl. Who can argue with that?