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Pool Parties Are The Best Activity To Do In Las Vegas And It's Not Even Close

This week's Dog Walk Draft welcomed in Kelly In Vegas as she escaped Hurricane Ian and our favorite outdoorsman, Sydney Wells subbed in for Carl. Kelly obviously is very familiar with fabulous Las Vegas, so she was an apt choice as a guest. There were some guidelines for this one.


1 Property

1 Casino Game

1 Activity

1 Veteran Move

1 Movie

Let's get into the grades:

Team #1: B

The Hangover is a safe 1.1 pick Iconic film and what everyone hopes for when they go to Vegas. I get lost in this draft in Rounds 2 & 3. Ceasar's is fine and iconic certainly but based on where properties were picked, this Drafter could've waited a few more rounds for this one. Picking slots over Roulette is tough, but I can understand it. Slots seem to skew much older, but I am interested by Kelly In Vegas' tactic of seeing slots with high rollers. Just not my taste though as a game. Bringing cast to avoid ATMs is a must as those fees are brutal, especially when you're taking a beating on the tables. A boxing/MMA fight as one of the best picks in the Draft and in Round 5 it's an absolute steal. The energy for a big fight in Vegas is almost unmatched.

Team #2: C (left off poll)

Casino is a great flick, but picking that over Blackjack is wild. Blackjack is a clear #2 if not the 1.1. The Venetian is super nice so you won't get any argument from me as a 2nd Rounder. Roulette Round 3 is a good pick as it's so simple. I get Kelly's argument that the odds are terrible, but it's so easy to play and nobody can really screw it up for the table like the other games, so it's a good experience, especially if you're hitting. Flying home no later than lunch can really be said for anywhere. My personal favorite is taking a 6am flight out of Vegas. Go out all night, party, but instead of sleeping for 5-6 hours in a hotel, do it on a plane and bam! You wake up and you're almost home. Golden Knights game is a weak pick in my opinion. There are so many shows and residencies and other things to do in Vegas, going to a hockey game doesn't quite do it for me. 

Team #3: C-

I can't believe this Drafter took Blackjack 3rd overall and still managed to fumble this draft. Bopping around Old Vegas is a horrendous experience pick. It was the first experience off the board and no others were taken til the 5th Round. Every time I've been to Vegas somebody brings up checking out Old Vegas where the tables are cheaper and things feel a bit more classic, but then we realize there is a pool party or 50 million other things better we can do than being tourists. Tipping early and often is solid but I think there were much better veteran moves taken after it. The Cosmo is a great pick as the hotel is nice and the vibes are good there. 21 is the least iconic movie on this graphic by a mile and there are other better Vegas movies that weren't drafted.

Team #4: A

Craps is a great game and while not always the easiest to understand, the best when the table gets hot. Way more so than Blackjack and Roulette because everybody is playing against the house together. For the 4th pick, this is great value. I hadn't been to Circa, but this Drafter did a good job selling it. Jamming people into one room is such a Vegas move to save a little coin. It reeks of being young and trying to cut corners where you can and the nostalgia plays. Oceans 11 is a great value pick and is right up there with other Vegas movies and could've been picked two rounds earlier without any complaints. Pool Party, although the original one picked by this Drafter is closed, the whole theme is great. Pool Parties are a staple of a Vegas trip and gives you the best of both worlds with boozing/partying and being outside. They are literally the best part of a Vegas trip! My favorite are ones that have table games at them either in the water or very near but still outside.

Team #5: B-

The Bellagio is iconic. Seeing the fountains go off is something you just have to see when you're in Vegas. I've never gotten an IV before, but hearing this Drafter talk about it, this is a must do on my next trip. Talk about a second wind! I think baccarat is a fine pick, but four games went before it, so this should've been Mr. Irrelevant. I think this wound up hurting this Drafter later. Vegas Vacation is a tremendous value in the 4th Round and a classic film. Shoutout Nick Papagiorgio. I'm skeptical of the Helicopter Ride and I would've liked to see this Drafter pick Baccarat here and could've gotten the second choice of experience in Round 4.

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