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A Climate Change Protestor Absolutely NAILED Her Interview With The Media While Being Carried Away By Police

I'm sure there will be plenty of discord in the comments of this tweet about climate change, but I just wanted to shout out this protester for absolutely crushing that interview, which is one of those things that seems way easier than it really is. I get paid to sit in the comfort of my own home and speak into a microphone yet I have never been together such a concise cognitive thought as this lass who appears to be hogtied and carried by a group of cops to a paddywagon. I am also a professional idiot working for a smug blog. But the point still stands. 

Anyway, some polar bear is literally and figuratively sweating his ass off as the last polar cap around him melts. But this woman keeping her cool and nailing every bullet point is probably the best chance of any type of slowing down climate change. Not because of the message but because it was the most impressive performance of someone getting carried away since Portnoy went limp legs on Goodell's goons during the Super Bowl.