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ALERT! TWINS ALERT! We Met Brazilian Volleyball Player Key Alves Last Week, Now It's Time To Say Hello To Her Sister Keyt

You know every day I sit here and try to find different blog topics. See what's going on around the world, do some research and because I have Journalism in my blood, do some follow up work. This time it happened to be finding out that Key Alves has a twin sister. Shocking, breaking and frankly there needs to be some investigation done here. 

Why does Key have 4 million more followers than Keyt? They look the same. They both play volleyball. They both have the ability to have 5 million followers. It's time to get Detective Balls on the case. You see, I even had to do my own research. Make sure they are two separate people when I found this: 

The whole Key/Keyt situation had me sitting here thinking it was a bit fake. But nope, real and spectacular. You see they both deserve congrats. Last time it was finding out Key was the most followed volleyball player in the world. Today it was finding out that Keyt hit a million followers and celebrated accordingly 

I will do the same. Anyways, quick break before photos for the twins shout out. 

Okay, back to meeting Keyt