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Gary Vee Screaming At A Fan "Sit The Fuck Down Or I Will Fuck You Up" During A Jets Game Is Why He Would Be The Perfect Team Owner

I used to not like Gary but I talked to him on my huge show Mush The Line and he really is a great guy. I used to make fun of him because of his famous quote "Imagine your family and imagine someone shot them in the face. You will appreciate them more." It is one of the most jaw dropping videos ever if you haven't seen it here it is.

So if you are looking for some inspiration make sure you wake up thinking your favorite family member was shot in the face. Back to the original point, I love that Gary did this. He is a huge Jets fan and not just for show. He loses his fucking mind over this team. He was screaming receipts on his last video and a lot of people were so confused of what he was talking about. He was just screaming that because Coach Saleh of the Jets said that in his postgame speech and he was happy the Jets won. 

I am actually happy that he isn't a fake fan. The Buccaneers scored a touchdown and a person at the stadium was rooting for the Bucs in one of their Jerseys. Gary Vee proceeded to just scream that he would fuck them up. Screaming you are in Jersey is such a funny visual of Gary Vee, the most influential guy freaking out on an opposing fan. He probably went to a garage sale and ripped off an old lady before this too to get his mind right. Gary follows me so if you are reading this I would love to go to a Jets game with you and film to show the world your fandom you crazy bastard. I can't wait to see a video of him in someone's face after the Jets lose a heartbreaker. I just love that he is viewed as this great, inspirational guy but once he gets that green on he simply loses himself.