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Darvin Ham Saying 'Wisdom And Lessons' Are More Important Than Wins And Losses Is The Saddest Quote From A Professional Coach

This is so sad man. Darvin Ham played in the NBA. He's a legend in the college dunk contest and Texas Tech legend. But you can't be out here sounding like JV Eric Taylor when you coach the goddamn Lakers! We're talking about the Lakers. Even Steve Ballmer wouldn't accept this with the Clippers. It's just ... sad. Maybe in like rink basketball you can say this. But at the professional level the most important thing is wins and losses. You aren't doing wisdoms and lessons for professional players. That's not how you're judged. That's not how you get paid. 

That said, I love we're getting this from the Lakers already. They will continue to be a disaster because they are constructed like an 80s team. No spacing, no shooting, just try to put 5 guys in the paint. That's not how you win in 2022 - see last year. They stink. But then again, not sure if they do because it's not as important as wisdom and lessons. 

I honestly had to check to make sure this wasn't a PFT bit. This is something he would say to get ready for football. The once proud Lakers are truly a laughingstock now.