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William Shatner Once Shit Himself Ahead Of His One Man Show

On the last ep of LCB, we talked about the new episodes of Andor, ROP and House of the Dragon as well as reviewing the dogshit movie 'Blonde' and good movies 'The Woman King' and 'Pearl'. On top of that, we have interviews with Dave Portnoy's best friend David Boreanaz and Will Shatner. As fun as the Boreanaz interview was (he is a philly guy and is convinced that Lamar vs Hurts is a real debate at this point), Shatner gave us an incredible nugget, no pun intended. Ahead of his one man show on Broadway, he shit himself. It happens to the best of us! Doesn't matter if you're going home on NJT or about to perform for thousands of people, the brown curse comes for us all. 

You can watch or listen the full ep below.