The Dumbest World Cup Rolls On - Bars, Restaurants And Hotels In Qatar Are Likely Not Going To Be Able To Televise The Games

[Source] - Football fans who have paid out huge sums for hotel rooms, apartments and villas at the Qatar World Cup face arriving to find no live TV coverage of the tournament there.

That Mail on Sunday understands that a number of hotels in Doha have decided not to screen games, having been told they will have to pay host broadcaster BeIN Sports around 100,000 Qatari riyals (£24,000) for every restaurant or bar which shows them.

BeIN Sports said it could not disclose commercial arrangements with hotel and accommodation providers. But it indicated that it had to recoup some of the huge fees for tournament broadcasting rights, as well as its investment in production and technical facilities.

Nothing like this World Cup. I mean why not let Qatar host this event? Why not let this country have migrant workers die to build stadiums to host a World Cup? Because FIFA is the most corrupt organization in the world, even more so than the NCAA which is saying something. But now this? Fans going to Qatar can't even watch games. Makes sense. Good news is there's plenty to do in Qatar! 

Not to mention the lack of drinking. Hey, why not spend a shit ton of money to go to Qatar, be worried about getting arrested for cumming, having sober sex and staying in a tent. Sounds like a delight. Again, I understand this is part beIN and part Qatar. But this is the first time I can remember seeing this sort of report. 

What's the point of even going to Qatar? The best part of the World Cup is the partying with your pals. It's the one time that EVERYONE at the bar is cheering for the same team. You don't have assholes showing up cheering for Germany when the US is playing. This is the one time every 4 years we all go to the bars and get to go nuts for the same team. Now you're going across the world with only being able to watch games in stadiums. Sounds like a delight. 

Dumbest World Cup ever.