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IT'S FINALLY HERE! All The New Rules, Teams, And More For The Dozen Season 3's Debut

We are BACK!

The Dozen: Trivia Competition Season III kicks off in Philadelphia on Tuesday, October 4th, with the first round airing for everyone on Wednesday, October 5th, and the Championship airing on Thursday, October 6th.

We have defending champion UPTOWN BALLS, the runner-up THE EXPERTS, Final Four participant FRANK & THE FRANKETTES, and the original team and Season 1 Final Four participant THE YAK all facing off in the City of Brotherly Love.

Let's get into a more detailed version of Season 3…


    • Lasts from October 2022 through May 2023
      • THREE matches a week from October 2022 through second week of January 2023
      • Likely a mix of TWO to THREE matches a week in the second half of the season
    • Relegation Week will take place second week of January 2023
      • Bottom six teams will compete in randomized matchups
      • Fans will then vote to eliminate four of the six teams from the season
    • All-Star Week 2023 is set for February, the week before the Super Bowl
      • Will involve another HOME RUN DERBY one-on-one showdown
        • Brandon and Kirk Minihane likely to run it back; possibly another matchup
      • All-Star voting will be done once again by the fans to select eight All-Stars
    • Battle for the Crown Week
      • Fans vote all season long, combine with computers for the weekly rankings
      • Last week of the season, Top 4 teams battle it out for the regular season title
        • #4 plays #3, with the winner playing #2, then that winner playing #1
        • Last team standing wins regular season title, and a first round bye
    • Filmed and aired on tape and live from May 2023 through June 2023
      • First Round taped in office; airs May 29th through June 1st
      • Second Round taped in office; airs June 5th and 6th
      • Final Four & Title ticketed event airs live online; takes place June 7th
        • Location TBD, but likely Chicago or New York City in a theater
    • 15 of 24 teams to start the season make The Dozen: Trivia Tournament III
    • Top 8 seeds in Tournament III draft their opponents from bottom 7 seeds
    • October 4th, 2022: Philadelphia, PA (airs following two days)
    • Early November, 2022: New York, NY (airs following two days)
      • Not a tournament; six teams play three one-off "showcase" matchups
    • Late November, 2022: Boston, MA (airs following two days)
    • Super Bowl Week in February, 2023: Arizona (expected to air as livestream)
    • March or April, 2023: TBD locations (expected to air as livestream)
    • June, 2023: New York or Chicago (expected to air as livestream)


Many folks have noted that back-to-back rounds of 2-points is too much a swing. So, instead of the niche category round being up against the Bonus Round, we are moving it back to the end of the match in Round 10. This should also, with four possible points in Round 10, assure us that matches last longer than usual…

  1. Moves from ROUND 6 to ROUND 10
  2. Teams still select which niche category they want each match
  3. Can't repeat the same niche category in back-to-back matches


The hardest part about writing The Dozen is, without question, the Bonus Round. Lists are not easy to come by, especially ones that are fully fact-checked, up-to-date, and accurate to the desired level. So, we decided to not dilute the pool too much this season, and introduce two new formats…

    • Teams take turns alternating guessing and naming things on a list based on facts and statistics
    • Teams take turns alternating guessing and naming things on a list based on The Dozen fan surveys
      • Survey group will cover various age ranges and locations from across the country
      • Pool will be vetted and range in a number between 1,500 and 2,000 people
    • Best of 5 "Closest Guess" Battle where each team has their players go 1-on-1 down the line
    • Players hear "closest guess" question, and then reveal their answer at the same time
      • Team with the closest guess wins, and the first to three (Best of 5) grabs the 2-points
    • All three players go at least once, creating a new unique head-to-head experience


We have a few special things that some folks might really enjoy…

  • There is a merchandise-related release that is hitting the store for Black Friday
    • We worked hard on this and are amped to see the reception
  • A landing page and destination is in the works for you to track all The Dozen team & player stats


We have 24 total teams, 9 of them expansion teams, and 76 total players…

  • The Baddies (R)
    • Paddy the Baddy, TJ Hitchings, Blaise
  • Big Screamin' Honkers (SEASON 1 CHAMPION)
    • Robbie Fox, Ben Mintz, Francis Ellis
  • Booze Ponies
    • Dana Beers, Will Compton, Chef Donny
  • Boys Boiz Boyz (R) 
    • Joey Camasta, Jack Mac, Philly Mays
  • Chicago
    • Chief, Carl, White Sox Dave
  • ConMen (R) 
    • Captain Cons, Tyler Morin, Jeff Nadu
  • Everybody Ride$ (R) 
    • Murls, Mike Grinnell, Jordyn Woodruff
  • The Experts (SEASON 2 RUNNER-UP)
    • Brandon Walker, PFT Commenter, Fran
  • The Family (R) 
    • Reags, John Feitelberg, John Rich
  • FLUX (R) 
    • Chris Castellani, Chris Klemmer, Alex Bennett, COACH: Pat
  • Foreplay
    • Riggs, Frankie Borrelli, Trent Ryan
  • Frank & the Frankettes (SEASON 2 FINAL FOUR)
    • Nick Turani, KB, Frank the Tank
    • Large, Vibbs, Jake Marsh
  • The Icemen
    • Nate, Elio, Stu Feiner
  • Macrodosing
    • Big T, Arian Foster, Madeline Conroy
  • The Misfits (SEASON 2 RUNNER-UP) 
    • RDT, Kelly Keegs, Dante, All Biz Pete, COACH: Hank
  • Smockin
    • KenJac, Mark Titus, Wonton Don
  • Spittin Chiclets
    • RearAd, Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette
  • Swamp Ass (R) 
    • Uncle Chaps, EBo, Hubbs
  • Team Minihane
    • Kirk Miniane, Rico Bosco, Big Ev, Quigs
  • Uptown Balls (SEASON 2 CHAMPION)
    • Smitty, Tommy Smokes, Glenny Balls
  • urMom
    • Rudy Junda, KFC, Jack McCarthy
  • The Yak (SEASON 1 FINAL FOUR) 
    • Big Cat, Rone, Steven Cheah
    • Dave Portnoy, Eddie, Clem


Fans voted for the top (and bottom) teams heading into Season 3…


Fans voted for the top players heading into Season 3…

Now, it's time to roll! The Dozen: Season III is about to begin. Make sure to follow The Dozen on Twitter and Instagram for updates every single day.

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