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Apparently, It's Just Different Going To An SEC School

Look at Lousiana State University's Gymnast Livvy Dunne just walking around the student union in a black leotard filming tik toks. 

I went to a Jesuit school in freezing fucking cold Chicago so the chances of seeing anything of this sort were negative infinity. I've already come to terms with the fact that I did college completely wrong, after visiting pretty much every college in the country between touring with Sammy Adams for 4 years and 4 years on the Blackout Tour. And I've flip-flopped back and forth between the debate on if I had the chance to do it all again, would I go out west where the weather is warm and dry, like ASU or USC, and the women flow like the salmon of the Capistrano? Or would I head down south where it's just one big non-stop party, making decent grades probably wouldn't be that hard, and the women flow like salmon of the Capistrano? 

Seeing videos like this (and below), along with the entire football + tailgate factor, tend to make me lean SEC.

If you have a warm-blooded American son who's on the fence you've got to agree and be pushing him to the SEC? No?

If you say no, scroll on my friend.