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Dave Blew Up On AEW's Tony Khan Today Thinking He Got Barstool Van Talk Cancelled

Dave is turning into his father more and more by the hour. 

Granted, he's never been great with names - just ask Jared Car[name redacted] - but this was an all timer.

Today, I put out the call for listener questions for my interview with AEW President Tony Khan, and Dave responded, "When he got Barstool Van Talk cancelled why did he then invite me to sit next to him at a fight at MSG as his guest and pretend that I didn’t know he was responsible? Did he think I was stupid or that I’d just forget or is he just that two faced?"

Immediately, I realized his mistake - WWE President Nick Khan is the guy he is referring to in that tweet - but I was literally live with Tony Khan when I saw that tweet, so decided to read it to him anyway....

Classic Dave. Reminds me of when he fired Ian Rapaport from Barstool....


Never change, Dave. Never change. 

Check out my full interview with Tony Khan - in which Nick Hamilton animated my entire end of the conversation due to a video recording failure - here….