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Dana White Was Told By a Doctor That He Had 10 Years To Live

Dana White went on a podcast and brought the doctor with him that told him he had about 10 years to live. Dana says that he doesn't fall into this hippie shit but he was convinced when he took these tests. To give some context he found out that these doctors run tests on you and figure out when you are going to die. They are usually only a month off somehow. That is the scariest thing in the world. 

First of all I have always talked about the hypothetical would you rather know when you are going to die or how you are going to die. I think the easy answer is how so you can at least actively stay away from whatever is going to kill you. If you hear that it's going to be a car crash you can at least avoid it or be really careful when you are driving. The argument does get compelling though if you know when you are going to die you can at least plan out your life around when it is going to happen. 


Back to Dana, he went on this regiment for 10 weeks because this doctor with just looking at his blood tests told him everything wrong with him. He told him it probably hurts to bend down and tie your shoes and also said it looks like you can't sleep throughout the night. It turns out he was spot on and Dana was throwing up in the middle of every single night. I love Dana so I hope he stays alive forever and now that he has talked to this doctor I feel like he has the ability to. 

I need to talk to this guy, I don't know if I want to know when I am going to die but if he can fix my body from feeling like absolute shit I'll take it. I always thought there has to be a way to find out when we are going to die but I always thought it was only for like the Kardashians. I have completely convinced myself that there is a world where the really rich people go that they have such better gadgets and doctors. Like there is just no way that a Kardashians phone has ever died. They have something that just zaps it to 100%. 

I want everyones opinion in the comments letting me know if you would rather know when you are going to die or how. I put it on twitter for a little bit and these are the results so far.