Unit Highlights - The Best Big Man Plays from This Weekend

We have a new blog series here at Barstool to honor all the big men that made big plays in the pigskin world (no pun intended) over the weekend. If you're looking for highlights of running backs and wide receivers, you're in the wrong place. We're here to show some love to the big men of football.

Let's start with a great block from Jaguars Cam Robinson:


As a Jags fan, I did not like seeing this next play by Jordan Davis.

Some controversy on this next play. Refs called Unnecessary Roughness, negating an Iowa touchdown that would have brought the game within 7. 

We have a Big Man scoop and score by UTEP that goes the full length of the field and then likely directly to the oxygen tank.

The Big Man TD's continue with a Thicc 6 in Middle Tennessee!


Staying with Tennessee, we have a beautiful tip and pick by Titans' Teair Tart. This is just pure athleticism no matter what size jeans you wear!

And Finally, we have a big man with a big heart! Some may say that he wasn't close and it was unnecessary, but I say those people don't know what Heart looks like. I don't see any little guys even close, much less making an effort on a play we've all done in Madden. I see you 72!

Bonus highlight from the coaching booth!