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Is October 3rd In Mean Girls The Most Notable Date In Movie History? Barstool Investigates!

This usually makes it way around the Twitter bird on this date every year. If you are familiar with pop culture, you likely get the reference. In Mean Girls, Cady Heron is famously asked what day it is by her crush and her friend's boyfriend Aaron Samuels, to which she replies "It's October 3rd." 

If you grew up when Lohan was killing it, and saw the movie in its heyday, you could argue it's a top tier date in movie history. 

In terms of movies, a lot of times you do not know specifically what the exact date is while the movie is taking place. For example, Can't Hardly Wait takes place in just 24 hours, the whole movie in and out is 24 hours. But the date is never revealed. A date being that known in a movie is a rarity. Let me present you a few of the candidates for most recognizable date in movie history in my eyes. 

Honorable Mention 

Saturday March 24th, 1984

Honorable Mention 

July 4th, 1996 

This has to be an honorable mention because the date is in the title, it's cheating. of course people know it's 4th of July on Independence Day. Disqualified. 

Bronze Medal 

June 11th, 1970 

Iconic scene, super quotable. Anyone who has seen this movie has done a Pesci impression of "Go get your shinebox," or " No more shines Billy" at some point when watching the film or talking to their friends. In terms of movie dates , I would say this scene is the most rewatchable, and likely the most iconic. However, I think while people remember the date, only the real diehards would get the date correct. To prove this theory I tested it on Glenny Balls, a known Goodfellas watcher. The man watches the film every time he flies. Let's see if he knew the date . 

Tough look for Glenny Balls . I thought for sure he would know it. 

Silver Medal

December 24th, 1988 

Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie, but I imagine a lot of people know it takes place around Christmas time, or honestly if some people haven't seen it in a while go "Oh yeah this starts on Christmas Eve." I also imagine anyone with a brain asks why the office would be having people work a full day on Christmas Eve, and then make their employees attend an office party. But that's for another conversation. The real point here is John McClane is trying to visit his ex wife at Christmas and ends up in the fight of his life, on Christmas Eve no less. 

Any date when one man takes down a pack full of terrorists will be a notable day. This is a silver medalist for me. 

Gold Medal 

November 5th, 1955

Without a doubt the most iconic date in movie history. Doc Brown invents time travel while eluding terrorists. How can this not be the most iconic date in movie history ? 

I'll put that up against anything. Stone cold lock for most memorable movie date history. I dare you to beat it.