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The WORST Bad Beat Of The Football Betting Weekend + It Was A Team That Covered A 50 + POINT NUMBER

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We see bad beats every weekend… but what if I told you the worst beat of the weekend was because of a betting loophole?

On Saturday, before Syracuse gets into conference play they played one last non conference game against lowly Wagner College on Staten Island, an FCS team. 

The Orange were 53 point favorites and at half, they were up 49-0 and were covering the nearly 8 TD spread by the five minute mark of the third quarter. 

The problem for bettors was at half, both coaching staffs decided to cut the remaining quarters and shorten them to 10 minutes and opposed to 15 minutes:  

Now that was probably a nice gesture by Cuse as the game was very much in hand. The only people that actually cared about it though were bettors and in the end, we got FUCKED.

Heading into half, you're thinking "beautiful, Cuse will win by 65 and I will cruise to my easiest win of the weekend."

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You come back from watching another game in the middle of the third and see them covering.. and then learn that your bet won't count… or sadly maybe you didn't find out until you looked at your account and realized you didn't get paid.

 Per Barstool Sportsbook "HOUSE RULES" :

  1. Unless otherwise stated, all bets on American Football are determined on the basis of the result after any overtime or extra time.
  2. All offers will be declared void unless 55 minutes of play have been completed except for those the outcome of which have been decided prior to the abandonment and could not possibly be changed regardless of future events, which will be settled according to the decided outcome

Wagner/Syracuse with the shortened third and fourth quarter finished with 50 minutes of game play… and even with a 59-0 score and a spread covered….NO DICE for Cuse backers. Keep in mind, probably a pretty bad beat for OVER bettors as well. That number sat at 62, it was 59-0 with 8 minutes to go. But then again it wouldn't of mattered.


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