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The Detroit Lions Have Officially Cracked The Code On How To Be A Historically Entertaining And Bad Football Team

I'm somewhat obsessed with the Detroit Lions. Sure, they are a content machine and easy to cheer for, because, Lions. But they have cracked the code on how to be an entertaining bad football team. That should be rewarded. I guess the 1 win is the reward, but they should be like 1-2-1. They deserve a tie to really complete the gem of their season so far. And I know, I know. Swift has been banged up, no St. Brown last game. All of that. But facts are facts.

The Lions have figured out how to stay relevant, how to have people talk about them without winning all the games. Their games are must watch because we're all obsessed with fantasy football, scoring and everything else. I want to watch the Lions because much like Phillip Rivers in the 4pm window, you just never know when the disaster is going to hit. You're on the edge of your seat because you're going from Goff to Hockenson to this sort of shit happening: 


The replayed down? Touchdown, of course. 

But guess what? The Lions had one of my TVs yesterday. I had no rooting interest. I'm not even a Lions fan. I just was entertained. That's more I can say for roughly half the league. So congrats to the Lions. It's moral victories and they got one here. Record setting Detroit Lions has a nice ring to it.