Braves Superfan Elton John Took Time Out of His Concert Last Night to Dance on the Mets' Grave

There is no escape for Mets fans today. Even Elton John took a moment during his concert in Nashville last night to troll the April and May NL East champs.

Apparently Sir Elton has been a huge Braves fan for decades, which is something I only learned today.

Cut4 — You may not think of Sir Elton John as being a big baseball fan. After all, the pianist with some of the greatest on-stage outfits you will ever see is not only from England, but he was the former chairman and owner of Watford FC, a (super fun goal-scoring) soccer team currently competing in the English Premier League. He even has a stand named after him at their stadium. 

Turns out, he loves baseball too, as was made clear when he hung out with a few Twins players before his concert in Estero, Fla. on Wednesday night. When I say that he's a baseball fan, I don't just mean that he's a casual observer, who can say things like "Mike Trout is ... good?" but one who really knows his stuff. After moving to Atlanta in 1991, the singer became a big Braves fan.

As Joe Mauer noted to's Rhett Bollinger, the singer was "throwing out names like Mark Lemke," Mauer said. "You'd think he'd say like [John] Smoltz or [Greg] Maddux, but he knew about guys like Lemke."

We have everybody on our side, I guess. God, Buster Olney, Elton John, etc. The Braves are both America's and England's Team now.

There is still work to be done, though. Close this thing out tonight so we can fully unleash all the tweets and takes from this season as back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back division champions.

Shoutout to Elton John.