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Cameo Inflation: Mr. Beast Was Paid $250,000 To Record A Video Saying "Hi" To A Billionaire's Son

Every single clip I see of Mr. Beast, I get more and more jealous. You just gotta tip your cap to the dude and what he's been able to build for himself.

An unnamed Billionaire paid Mr. Beast $250,000 to simply say "Hi" to his son. I'm sure it was one of the shortest cameos ever recorded, but Mr. Beast got paid a cool quarter million dollars to say, "Hi Timmy, it's Mr. Beast. Hope you have a great day!"

If you watch the video, you'll notice how Mr. Beast threw out a random price that he thought was so outrageous that it would be an obvious no. However, since Mr. Billionaire said yes so quick, I really do wonder what his upper limit would've been. A million? Two million? Ten Million? I mean hell, what's a couple million dollars to a billionaire anyway? I spend more of my net worth on coffee each day than this billionaire did when he dropped a quarter million.


In the same NELK podcast, Mr. Beast also revealed that he was offered $1 BILLION for all his brands and YouTube channels. He turned down that offer which is INSANE to think about. 

Read about it below: