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The Poker World Is Completely Split on If Cheating Was Involved In Last Week's Insane Poker Hand


ICYMI, last Thursday there was an all-time crazy hand on stream at the Hustler where Robbi called an all-in from Garrett on a TT93 board with nothing but Jack high. It woulda been an awesome call if not for her reasonings for calling the $100k all-in bet, none of which made a lick of sense. Robbi constantly contradicted herself and made up new reasons she made such a crazy call, opening herself up to what have now become large cheating allegations against her. Was she wearing a buzzer? A vibrating chair? A special ring? Is she a time traveler? Or just a really shitty poker player/liar? 


We broke it all down on an emergency podcast last Friday:



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Through the weekend, investigations were launched. The poker world is funny that way, it's mostly self-policing, which is how cheaters get caught all the time. Aka Joey Ingram streams for like 3 straight days. After a few days of reviewing the tape, reading statements, and thinking it through, this is where the poker world stood on it:




As you can see, most people who have spoken up believe she is on the side of not cheating. But there are some big, respected names who think she did cheat as well. I believe it's also easier to be on the side of "not cheating" because the idea of cheating in a live stream like that is so ridiculous it's easier to just assume she made a terrible play. 


It didn't stop the discussion from continuing though, with some of the best players in the world battling it out on Twitter. Some think she for sure cheated:




While others think it's improbable:



My personal opinion: The tank-call and fishy, awkward boasting afterwards is very suspicious. None of her story adds up. But does that mean she cheated? I just don't know. It's an odd spot to cheat in, for sure. Some say her tanking is because she was trying to figure out why her "buzzer" was insisting she make the call with J high. That makes sense. It would also explain her speech afterwards where she couldn't decide if she put him on Ace high, or if she "knew he was bluffing with nothing", or if she misread her hand, etc. One thing I'm positive of though is she did not misread her hand. She didn't think she had J3 and a pair. Because when she flipped over her hand, there was no moment of "omg, I thought I had a 3". There was no emotion of misreading the hand whatsoever. The opposite, in fact. But the question remains, did she cheat? I can't decide. I go back and forth on it constantly. If it came out she cheated, I would be like "yeah that makes sense". If they find no conclusive evidence, I won't be stunned either. It's truly a wild situation. 



PS: Cheat or no cheat, she wants ALL the smoke.