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This Jason Kelce And Doug Pederson "Jersey Swap" Was The Best Moment From The NFL This Week

I'll tell ya what--the Doug Pederson reunion was so much easier to enjoy as a fan once the Eagles decided to wake up and put a beatdown on Trevor Lawrence and the Jags. I mean sure, it still would have been nice to have the only head coach to bring the Lombardi to Philly in the house, but everything is always better when there's a W attached to it. Food tastes better, sleep feels better, and getting a chance to reunite with Dougie P is a much happier occasion. 

But I don't think the final score would have mattered as much to Jason Kelce here. You look at how much Doug clearly means to him and you can tell that sopping wet rain jacket is more than just a sopping wet rain jacket. The jersey swap is always an ultimate sign of respect. Not quite as much respect as the handshake line in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, obviously, but close. And I don't think Jason Kelce could have any more respect for Doug. He got to experience the best moment of his career thanks to him, and that jacket swap was the closure we all needed to finally move on from the 2017 era and fully buy-in to the current. 

We'll always love Doug Pederson for being the first head coach in Eagles history to win the Super Bowl. We'll always love Carson Wentz for paving the way and setting up home field advantage through the first 13 games of that season. But if the last 2 weeks have showed us anything, it's that it's time for every Eagles fan to fully embrace Nick Sirianni and it's time for every Eagles fan to fully embrace Jalen Hurts. If there were any holdouts left, they better be on board now. 

There's no more need to wait around for these guys to prove it. There's no more need for "cautious optimism". 2017 will always be an incredible memory for Eagles fans, but now we get to turn the page. We can still keep some of the 2017 vibes, though. Those never have to change.