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Watch This When You're High - Was The Movie "Poltergeist" Cursed?

Shout out to @IdiotBoyWonder for the suggestion.

I remember seeing this movie when I was wicked young one time when my mom was watching it and it scarred me for life. The little girl sitting in front of the television creepily saying "they're here", and the old man who looked like a skeleton was all the nightmare fuel I needed to run out of the room, and never watch the movie the rest of my life.

To this day I have never seen it. I just know that a family moves into a house that was built on an ancient burial ground and is tormented by demons. Fun times.

(Here's the trailer for those who've never heard of it. Shout out Coach)

I don't think I slept for a year after that episode. A good ten years minimum without a night light. 

But that's nothing compared to what the actual people behind the movie and those involved in it endured. Holy shit. I had no idea. Thanks @IdiotBoyWonder for the suggestion. 

Halloween season is officially upon us. Keep the suggestions coming. Keep them classy. No butt stuff.