1.6 MILLION Viewers Tuned In For YouTuber 'Dream's' Face Reveal...And Then They Called Him Ugly

By the time some of you are reading this, you're probably at the point of, "Who the fuck is this Dream guy? And why is he the talk of the internet during Sunday Night Football?"

Tonight, one of the most famous YouTuber's 'Dream,' did a face reveal in front of a max concurrent viewership of 1.6 MILLION viewers. That's fucking insane.

By the time of this blog, his face reveal tweet has been up for less than an hour and already has 500,000 likes. He has 30.5 MILLION subscribers on YouTube and has gained more than 2.7 BILLION views on YouTube. Numbies that are hard to even fathom.

So who the fuck is Dream? He's a Minecraft YouTuber that completely changed the game when he started making content. He was always faceless but as he grew, people became very curious about what he actually looked like. As the time grew, so did the questions about his identity.

So, he finally did a face reveal and it weirdly broke the internet. Hell, even Feits was tweeting about it:

Dream's face for reference:

Dream was one of the fastest growing YouTubers we've ever seen. Just three years ago he only had 10,000 subscribers:

As the legend goes, Dream took some time to really work hard and study YouTube's algorithm. It's all about retention and watch time, so he began to make these insanely long, but wildly entertaining Minecraft videos. Videos that you never seem to be able to click off because there's always something about to happen that keeps you hooked.

This is gonna come as a shock, but Minecraft is some of the most (if not the most) watched content on YouTube. On July 5th, 2022, one of Dream's YouTube videos set a record with 113+ Million views on one single Minecraft video. But wait, it gets crazier. As a whole, Minecraft has generated over 1 TRILLION total views on YouTube in 12 years. That was reached in December 2021.

So when you take the biggest/best creator in YouTube's biggest gaming views generator and add in the fact that he's never shown his identity - I guess it somehow amounts to 1.6 Million people waiting to see a single face reveal. 


The likes on his YouTube face reveal itself are close to 1 Million:

So there you have it, that's Dream and why his face reveal generated so much buzz.