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It Is Absolutely Insane That My Neighbors Have Their Christmas Tree Up On October 4th

This move may be one of the more insane things that I have ever seen, on October 4th my neighbors have their full on Christmas tree up and on display in their windows. It's been up longer, but I just noticed it on Sunday night. 

I usually don't get too upset about holiday decor going up early, want to throw some Halloween decorations up the last day of September? Sure. Tell someone "Happy New Years" on December 28th? Why not, who cares? But this is a step too far. We've got 2 MAJOR holidays to go before Christmas! What is going through your mind when you decide to throw up your fake tree while it's 60 degrees outside? I figured the universal rule for Christmas trees was anytime after Thanksgiving it is perfectly fine. You were 3 months early! You can't be taking Halloween pictures with the kids in the living room with the Christmas tree in the background, it doesn't make any sense!

I've seen people keep their trees up until February, maybe even March. But that probably just families being lazy. This was a conscious decision to use up an afternoon the first week of October to put your tree up. I'm kind of offended that this even took place. 

Even if I was a kid I don't think I'd want to decorate my Christmas tree in October. You haven't even made your Christmas list yet. I mean you probably don't even know what you're going to be for Halloween yet. How are you in the right headspace to decorate a tree? You're not. It's gross negligence by the parents, and borderline arrestable behavior. Kinda tempted to pay the kids to take it down. Hell even this time next month is too early. I think I need a full FBI investigation on the family. And yes, I know, this bothers me WAYYYY too much. Just take the damn tree down.