Lena Dunham Wants A Procession During The Pride Parade And The Gays Want NONE Of It

Vince Bucci. Getty Images.


So for any of you who somehow may not know who Lena Dunham is, despite KFC's (warranted) beef with her in the past… she's one of the more insufferable humans out there. From abandoning her dogs, to getting upset that Odell Beckham didn't act like they were best friends, to writing some REALLY fucked up shit in her memoire, she's someone everyone can get behind hating.

Including The Gays™.

Which brings us to the point of this blog, which is the ridiculous tweet she sent on Sunday afternoon:


I don't know why she thinks she deserves some ceremony like the Queen of England, or some "Champion of the Gays" (that should be reserved for Joey Camasta) but gay twitter wasn't having it… maybe because she said she was "disappointed she wasn't gay" (?) "but happy her sister is" or because she said gay people were preventing her from getting married. Regardless, the gays let her know… we don't want her.

 This might be the only acceptable plaque for her:

 Fair considering I have never heard a gay man talk about her in any good way, only Timothee Chalamet should get his own parade


 Feel that bestie, feel that

 Seems like a solid use:



Safe to say, this woman who became on a meme on gay twitter this weekend is more of a gay icon than Lena Dunham… this chick also at least makes some valid points. Trust me girl, I've been trying for some time and also have the same thought as I walk through the city at 2 AM on a Saturday night.

Throw her in the garbage without the casket like Frank Reynolds… we don't want her either.