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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 5

Jeff Lewis. Shutterstock Images.

Congratulations to Ken Dorsey for beating a Terrorist threat for Football Guy Of The Week!


If Belichick or Brady did this, no one would bat an eye.

Josh Allen had the best take on the situation:

Dorsey is a football guy not a psycho

Onto this week's nominees…

#1 JJ Watt


When your heart is as big as JJ Watt's, of course, it's going to have difficulties. All the charity and giving back to the community can be proven to grow your heart and cause complications. Playing through a heart problem is just a football guy move, die on the field, die a hero, never live to see your legend fade away. 

#2 Joe Burrow

Who gives a fuck about awesome White Tiger inspired uniforms.

Burrow can play in a trashbag. Football Guy.

#3 Terry Bradshaw Retired Hall of Fame Steelers QB

This one really hit me in the feels. I don’t know about you guys but growing up, Terry Bradshaw is such a constant with football. He's everyone's great uncle who hangs out and is always around. Honestly, because I am younger, I hold him higher than John Madden! I heard more of his commentary in the 21st century! To hear he had been silently battling cancer and beat it without anyone knowing anything is such a football guy move! Some people will tell you if they are in a life-threatening situation! Heart attacks and whatnot. 


#4 Trevor Lawrence QB, Jaguars

I don’t know why this interview looks so weird. Trevor Lawrence is straight-up fully suited for practice doing an interview. Not a post-practice presser; he's not sweating yet you can tell; he's just dressed and ready. Like we don’t know what time of day it is if it was before practice, this means he got dressed then, went to do an interview, then went out to the field. He's dressed and ready, even in an interview. Football Guy.