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Wrexham/Oldham Hooligans Fired Themselves Up For Their Match Yesterday By Getting Into A Massive Street Brawl

I don't know how else to classify that besides it being a street brawl. That's not a donnybrook, a brouhaha, a kerfuffle or anything else like that. For sure more than a scrap. It's a solid street brawl between Wrexham and Oldham fans. You really gotta keep your head on a swivel during these sorts of fights because it appears everyone is dressed the same. If I'm brawling over a sports team (I won't, because I have a brain) I'm making sure everyone on my team is dressed the same. Can't be catching friendly fire when you got guys ready to stomp on your head. 

But what really made this? On Wednesday 'Welcome to Wrexham' had an entire episode dedicated to hooligans. They had interviews with guys who are banned from games currently because they were getting into brawls. You can't have all that and then immediately have viral tweets with some of your fans getting to a street fight. And, hey, I understand it's not the entire fanbase and there will always be hooligans. Just hilarious to have it happen right after the episode airs. 

Match was pretty good too! Nothing like a stoppage time winner. 

Gonna need to know who won the fight. Again, I don't understand this part of soccer or sports in general. I've never once wanted to get into a fight at a stadium. Verbal arguments with friends about sports? All the time. Fisticuffs? Heavens no.