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Justin Jefferson Broke The Hearts Of His Own People…Shameful

Justin Jefferson, the pride of Destrehan, Louisiana & LSU legend just stuck a knife in the hearts of his people with a 10 catch 147 yard effort in London including a bomb on the game winning 4th quarter drive. He should be ashamed of himself.

The Saints fall to a miserable 1-3 after Will Lutz 60 yard FG doinked off the cross bar and I am already sick to my stomach before the 1pm games kick off.

After struggling on offense yet again in the 1st half, the Saints offense woke up in the 2nd half despite playing without Jameis Winston, Michael Thomas & Alvin Kamara. Andy Dalton played pretty well & certainly gave them a chance in his first start.

Will Lutz bombed a 60 yarder to tie the game in 4th. Then the Jefferson bomb happened. I am pretty sure Marshawn Lattimore’ shock strap is still on the field.

The doink off cross bar at the end of the game felt like a stomach punch, as you can see in Dennis Allen's face.

Where do the Saints go from here? The season is not over by any means at 1-3 but they are facing quite the uphill battle.

Excuse me while I go hurl.