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Annnd You're Gonna Need A New Tailbone After That


That's a video that ends exactly how you think it will, but it's still worth the wait. It's so perfectly indie wrestling - from the shoddy worked-table collapsing at the start, to the man leaping stories to destroy his own asshole while the crowd cheers him on...I love it. At least the table broke! It would've been really horrible if not.

At times, I've fallen on the side of the "Why risk your body/life for crowds this size?" people, and I've been yelled at on Twitter by wrestlers who tell me this is how to make a name for yourself or whatever. On some level, I agree - Darby Allin more or less made a name for himself early on by taking ABSURD bumps in EVOLVE and shit (while also having a great look and clearly being an awesome worker from the jump) but I digress. At this point, I'm not here to criticize anyone for taking stupid bumps in front of dozens/hundreds/however many people there may be in the crowd. I'm just here to blog the end results and look on in amazement.

Support indie wrestling! Sometimes you'll see bonkers shit like this you'll never forget - and other times you'll see the future stars of the business before they make it. I've always had a good time at my local shows, no matter how small they were.