This Spinning Backfist Would Literally Murder Me On The Spot

Holy moly - what a shot. The last time I saw a backhand that brutal it was at 4am in a diner somewhere....

Seriously, though, that spinning backfist was as vicious as it gets. There's putting somebody out cold, and then there's faceplanting a guy like this....

I think he mighta hit him so hard he pupped his shoulder out! He might need that Dave surgery now!

I think a mere mortal like me or you gets hit with this shot - walking into it just like this poor schmuck did - we die. I think somehow my nose bone breaks and shoots up into my brain like a slow-motion Mortal Kombat fatality and my family's arranging my funeral hours later.

God bless the lunatics that choose to pursue greatness in this sport for our entertainment.

P.S. Speaking of lunatics, if you didn't catch it last night, AJ McKee and Spike Carlyle put on a WILD fight at Bellator 286, which started like this….

….and ended like this….

McKee wound up winning via unanimous decision.