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PRAISE JESUS!!! Tony LaRussa Is Expected To Hang Up The Lineup Card And Retire Tomorrow

Here's a white sox blog that's going to put MAJOR asses in seats. Who'da thunk that the Tony LaRussa experiment wouldn't work out? Uhhhh just about every fucking person on the planet not named Jerry Reinsdorf. Insanity. But our long, very local nightmare has now been laid to rest.

I don't care who you pray to - Jesus, Allah, L. Ron. Doesn't matter. Thank your god that this is over and done with. We can now forget about this aborted fetus of a 2022 season and move forward with what is hopefully a reshaped roster and manager that doesn't fall asleep in the dug out.

Also - in private conversations, Willie Harris is the guy we want. That's a "just trust me" thing. But Beltran would be sick too. I would be all for the white sox devising some elaborate sign stealing thing, so long as it wins them a World Series and so long as they don't get caught for a few years so nothing can be done about it. I'm only like 5% kidding with that paragraph.

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