Zuckerberg And His Wife Seem To Be Enjoying Themselves At The UFC Fights!

I just thought the duality of this was too funny not to share on the blog. Zuckerberg yuckin it up at the UFC Apex cheering on the violence while his wife looks on through her fingers, absolutely horrified. Hilarious. 

That's pretty much what me and my mom looked like on opening night of the Kevin Smith classic, 'Tusk', where Justin Long gets turned into a human walrus. Good movie to watch this Halloween season, if you're into weird shit - but I digress.

I'm sure Zuckerberg's wife, Priscilla Chan, doesn't actually dislike MMA or anything. She looks pretty happy here....

Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.

….and as far as I'm concerned - she's probably the reason the Zucks chose to attend this card! 

The only detail Dana White would share with me about his meeting with Zuckerberg last month was that Chan's favorite fighter is Mackenzie Dern - the headliner of tonight's event….

….and he's already reppin for Dern (up next in the main event on ESPN+) on Instagram….


I'm not gonna lie, I wish there was a Zuck Family cam for big KO reactions like we get for the commentators….