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Ryan Day Now Has An Old World Italian Hex On His Program Courtesy Of Greg Schiano

At first I called both coaches a "scumbug" in the title but I mean no offense because I'm about to say something very scumbag-ish myself here. Since we are all in the circle of trust here, I'd just like to say that if you are going to play dirty and late hit the fuck out of somebody like Aron Cruikshank did here to Jesse Mirco, a fake punt up 6 touchdowns is the time to do it.

Now do I think Ryan Day's staff called this? Not necessarily. 

I think Jesse Mirco saw an opportunity to take off down the sideline, was maybe feeling himself a little too much, and wanted to brag to the ladies about his appearance in the rushing stats column later this evening at SeeSaw. 

Either way, it goes back to culture. 

And Ryan Day and Greg Schiano were both taught by the grandmaster wizard of sleaze, Urban Meyer. So for Schiano to get surprised, and offended, by Ryan Day's team having no class is comedy in the highest form.

I don't recall Schiano speaking up when he and Ryan Day were assistants on Urban's staff that routed mighty Florida A&M 76-0. So what the fuck did he expect differently on this return to Columbus?

I'll tell you what I wasn't expecting. 

I wasn't expecting to see an old-world hex thrown on somebody on a casual Saturday afternoon on National television. That's for sure.

(Fun fact - The belief in "Malocchio" or the Italian Evil Eye can be traced to that of the ‘Evil Eye Symbol’, originating in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC.

From here the belief is said to have traveled to ancient Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley Civilization in 1500 BC, to ancient Greece in 700 BC, before reaching ancient Rome in 500 BC.

It is said that Malocchio can be given in four ways, including by malice, by attaccatura (attachment), by fascino (binding), or by fattura (fixing).

The symptoms of Malocchio include being the recipient of uncharacteristic bad luck, poor health, or accidental loss.

The object affected by Malocchio is often something that was working perfectly till it received recent praise.

It is said that to rid oneself of Malocchio, one needs to make the sign of the cross with olive oil in a bowl of water.

In exact, one needs to recite a silent prayer with the name of the person suspected of having Malocchio, and with their little finger, drop no more than five drops to make the holy cross in a bowl of water.

If the oil stays on the surface then the person is safe, but if the oil drops or dilutes in the water, then the person is said to have Malocchio.

The ritual above needs to be repeated three times to remove the spell.)

You know those horns all the Tony Soprano wannabes and 1/4 Italian guys, who go out of their way to tell everyone they're Sicilian, wear? Those are called cornicelli, and they are believed to protect the wearer from the hex. 

Now I don't know this for a fact but Ryan Day doesn't strike me as a big jewelry guy so I doubt he had one of these on.

So I really hope somebody in his program reads this, and breaks out the olive oil tonight. Otherwise, Ohio State's season is fucked.

That's not my opinion, that's fact. I don't make the curse rules. 

Yah, after the game these two hugged it out. I'm sure Ryan Day said sorry, it was his punter's fault, no hard feelings. 

But the hex was thrown (twice). I wouldn't walk under any scaffolding, cross any streets, or do anything else where a piano could fall from the sky out of nowhere like a Looney Tunes episode if I'm Ryan Day. Shit is no joke.

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