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What A Roller Coaster! Bryce Young Slams Helmet After Shoulder Injury, Only To Return To The Sidelines Seemingly Ready To Roll (TIDE)

Alabama was rolling Arkansas early in Fayetteville, but in the midst of what looked to be another signature win, their reigning Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, Bryce Young jacked up his right throwing shoulder pretty badly.

It seems when Young escaped the pocket in an ill-fated attempt to avoid a sack at the hands of Razorbacks linebacker Drew Sanders in the second quarter, he landed right on that golden arm of his. This was Young's final pass attempt, and unless I'm just unaccustomed to seeing slow-motion throws from this angle on instant replay, doesn't something look amiss here in terms of how the muscles in his arm are moving?

I'm sure lots of people outside Tuscaloosa are sick of seeing Bama be in the national title hunt every single year but that's the reality of the powerhouse Nick Saban has built. If the mighty Tide are going to get beat this season, you'd want them to do it as close to full strength as possible.

Turns out, maybe Young isn't in such bad of shape after all. 

If you're THAT frustrated by an injury, have your arm vibrate in approx. 23 different directions on instant replay and leave right in the middle of a critical SEC road game, you'd think you'd be in street clothes. Nope. Bryce Young appears inclined to return to action if called upon.

May not be necessary, because unless they somehow manage to blow a 28-0 lead, it seems the Tide can afford to be cautious here. Young's replacement is a legit dual-threat weapon in Jalen Milroe. However steep the drop-off is from Young to Milroe in terms of pure passing ability, the latter can make Alabama's rushing attack even more multiple and dynamic. Plus, Milroe's threat to run should open up wider throwing lanes as defenses likely become more inclined to stack the box.

Here's a somewhat encouraging take from former Tide QB AJ McCarron on what happened to Young:

Let's hope McCarron's prognosis from afar is right and Young's injury isn't more severe.

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