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VIDEO: Oklahoma QB Dillon Gabriel Gets Blasted By TCU Defender In Dirtiest Hit Of The Year So Far

It's obvious Dillon Gabriel is sliding here and giving himself up. There's already another TCU player in the area to make sure he doesn't gain any more yardage. Didn't stop Horned Frogs linebacker Jamoi Hodge from launching himself into Gabriel as he skidded across the turf, causing the Sooners signal-caller to smack the back of his head and head to the locker room early.

Oklahoma players quickly came to Gabriel's defense and got into a shoving match after Hodge's hit, which was of course a targeting penalty. Some of those flags can be borderline. This was a no-doubter. No place in the sport for it. I realize it's difficult to always have the proper split-second reaction in such a violent sport. Still, this looked flat-out brutal.

To be somewhat fair, the ESPN telecast did cut to Hodge sitting on the bench with a towel over his head, looking distraught over what he'd just done. It's easy to be cynical in situations like these, yet Hodge's reaction suggests he's not some deliberately dirty player who goes head hunting on the gridiron.

Gabriel was able to walk under his own power when he exited the sideline and went in for further evaluation, so that's an encouraging sign. Nevertheless, another scary moment. Let's hope Gabriel is OK, because that's more important than how awful Oklahoma is looking amid a rout in Fort Worth.

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