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Chiefs Fans Are Outraged After The KC Star Wrote A 70 Word Article On How Patrick Mahomes is Selfish And Doesn't Care When They Lose

Above is the article that they published and listen I am illiterate, have some bad takes but this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I thought they were going to have the most in depth reasons on why Mahomes only cares about himself. This is all they wrote...

KC Star -- 

"PUTS ‘I’ IN TEAM After watching the Kansas City Chiefs for the past two years, I think it is clear that Patrick Mahomes is not a team player. He doesn’t care if his team wins or loses. All he cares about is how he looks. It’s beginning to look very obvious. He’s a good quarterback but really doesn’t care about his team as a whole."

That was the entire article, this person is the biggest loser for clicks ever and should have to apologize. Patrick Mahomes is the only reason anyone in this world cares about Kansas City. You are a city that has Kansas in it and aren't even located in Kansas. That right there will always blow my mind but it is true. He won a fucking Super Bowl and has made the playoffs every year he has been a starting quarterback. All he does is say how much his teammates help him and how much he loves Kansas City. 

Thanks god this shmuck said he is a good quarterback, he is the best quarterback in the NFL. Every NFL player should only care how they look because that only helps the team. When he is throwing for 400 yards and winning a Super Bowl nobody seems to have a problem. Everyone seems to find a problem with something these days, just enjoy greatness for once in your lives. 

I actually thing this moron who wrote this only cares about himself and not the team. He is only looking out for clicks on his post and not caring about how bad his website looks. He doesn't care about the real journalists who take time to write real stories all he cares about is himself getting these clicks. Look in the mirror buddy! 

Patrick Mahomes is going to be the greatest quarterback that has ever lived and we need to appreciate him more that this nonsense.