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$EBR Western Conference Power Rankings

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On the latest Spittin’ Chiclets we broke down the Western Conference and the whole crew gave their predictions of who would make the playoffs. If you haven’t listened already make sure you do as you may find an $EBR game of the week included in the episode as well!

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We talked about the 8 teams we thought would make the playoffs, but I wanted to get pen to paper to have the entire Western Conference officially ranked. We will check in on these rankings monthly and see how it ends up from October to April.

West Conference Power Rankings:

1. Colorado - Defending Cup champs have to start at the top.

2. Calgary - Somehow got better by losing Gaudreau and Tkachuk.

3. Vegas - Eichel is healthy and will have a tremendous season.

4. Edmonton - 97 and 29 will dominate as always.

5. Minnesota - Kaprizov and that home ice advantage keep them towards the top.

6. St. Louis - Too many good players on the roster not to be a playoff team.

7. Nashville - McDonough pickup will be significant, Nashville away is the new Vegas Flu Game.

8. Vancouver - Pettersson has a bounce-back year and Boudreau is always in the playoffs.

9. Los Angeles - I may regret this one, Kempe and Quick could lead them into the dance.

10. Winnipeg  - So many great players, but the locker room is a mess.

11. Dallas - The Stars are a complete Wild Card, I just don't think they have enough scoring to make it this year. 

12. Anaheim - They are a young and fun team, but still a few years away.

13. San Jose - Time for a total rebuild.

14. Seattle - Bjorkstrad, Burakovsky, and Beniers will help, but still not enough there.

15. Chicago - Tanking for Bedard.

16. Arizona - Tanking for Bedard.

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