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Relatable: Lil Nas X Had To Stop His Concert The Other Night To Take A Shit

I have always thought about this for performers. You have no idea how your body is going to react at anytime in the day and when you are performing 4 times a week something is bound to happen to you. I always think about hiccups or a cough but this one really takes the cake. In the video he says this isn't part of the show but I am backstage taking a mean shit. A lot of people in the crowd thought he was kidding but he certainly was not. He even took it to twitter to confirm it. 


I love this guy because people like Paul Pierce or Lamar Jackson won't admit that they shit their pants. You might as well be honest like Lil Nas X saying he is dropping fucking demons before he goes on stage. I would appreciate that as a fan at the concert because you know when you have to go to the bathroom you can't do anything else but think about it. So he is letting it all out to be lighter for the show and give you a better performance. 

He also did the classic I will be back in a minute or two. We all know if you are saying you are dropping demons you need at least a full 10 minutes to get all of it out and being able to move on with your day. That's so much pressure on that bathroom trip though, imagine when us regular non superstars are taking a shit and our friends or family are over. The pressure of them knowing you are in the bathroom and you said you had to pee so now you know you have to hurry up. This man has thousands of people who paid to see him and now know he is going to the bathroom. That has to be the most pressured shit ever. 

The only thing I can compare this to was a playoff baseball game in college when I really had to go and I went to a porta potty near left field. Now I know the pressure is on because my team was up and of course my team shit the bed and had a 1 2 3 inning and it might have been the fastest inning ever. I was the best player so they were screaming for me and you have to hurry it and is in shambles for the rest of the game. I applaud Lil Nas X for taking care of business when he had to for a better performance.