Holy Fuck: Terrifying Scenes In F1 As Pierre Gasly's Car Went On Fire Out Of Nowhere

This is WILD - Pierre Gasly's car randomly went up in flames in Singapore after a practice session. Here's another angle:


This is so bizarre because most times a car catches aflame, it's on the race track when the driver is pushing the car to the limits. Now, it can be a load of other things but it typically happens on the race track due to engine overheating, brakes overheating and other shit like that. But here it's quite the opposite: Gasly has finished his session and he's already on the car jack to put him back into the garage. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the left side of the car goes on fire with him still in the cockpit! I can't even imagine how terrifying that must be.

Huge shoutout to Chris Dodd who works as Aston Martin's team Co-Coordinator. Even though he works for a rival team, he calmly and quickly put out the fire for Gasly and Alpha Tauri.

Fires in F1 are always a terrifying thing. Thankfully, Pierre Gasly was fine. In recent memory, one of the worst fire incidents was when Romain Grosjean hit a barrier in Bahrain which caused his entire car to go up in flames. It was one of those situations where you truly didn't understand how someone could make it out alive. 

Here's how his car was after the incident:


Grosjean is still racing and today he competes in IndyCar, driving the #28 Honda for Andretti Autosport.