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Doctor And OnlyFans Model Nang Mwe Jailed For Posting Nudes And Explicit Videos Online

An OnlyFans model has been jailed for six years in Burma for uploading nude photos on the app.

On Tuesday, a military court convicted model Nang Mwe San - a former doctor - for ‘harming culture and dignity’ by distributing ‘sexually explicit’ videos and photos for money.

The 34-year-old was convicted under Section 33 (A) of Myanmar's Electronics Transactions Law.

The court’s ruling has been criticised as being politically motivated, with Nang Mwe having taken part in anti-junta protests in the past.

Nang Mwe was denied a lawyer and was trialled in a closed military court. She’s the first person to ever be prosecuted under Myanmar’s Electronic Communications Act.

Nang Mwe’s prosecution has been widely slammed by legal experts and human rights activists.

What an awful story coming out of Burma. It's amazing that we have the technology that we do and that so many places in the world, they want to use this technology only in a certain way because our modern technology is too much for our archaic and antiquated minds to wrap our brains around some Ts and A's. 

This woman wasn't doing anything wild to catch these charges. She's just taking some pictures and videos of her own body, doing some things that she wanted to do, and making a damn good living while doing it. Fuckin Burma. If you dont like it, dont watch. There's plenty of categories to pick from. Even prude porn smh.

Anyway, I'm sure all the folks in Burma don't want this law on the book. Hell, it's probably like the weed laws here. We all want it but we are dragging our feet based on the traditions and moral ideals of our grandparents. It's bullshit here. It's bullshit there and now people are jailed for it when theres absolutely no reason to do that. 

If a grown person wants to spill their dick, pussy, tits, or asshole online, we should ALL stand behind their right to do so. If you want to put them thangs swangin back and forth while you are getting absolutely housed from behind, go ahead. That is your fucking right. Literally. You should be able to have sex and film it with any other adult who is also down to clown. That should be as universal as the Magna Carta imo!

We need to get Nang Mwe to New York; we need to connect her with Glenny Balls; we needed it to happen yesterday.