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Jockey Gets Shoved Off His Horse By A Fellow Rider Going Full Speed In The Middle Of A Race

Source - Horse jockey Christophe Soumillon was left apologizing after a seemingly-scumbag move during a race on Friday -- appearing to deliberately shove his opponent off his mount ... causing him to tumble to the ground.

The moment happened at the Saint-Cloud racecourse in France ... when the Belgian star seemingly stuck his elbow out to force Rossa Ryan to lose balance and abandon his horse.

Ryan landed harshly and took several tumbles before coming to a halt ... but thankfully, he was able to stand up and get off the track.

The Video: 

You know, all things considered that wasn't that bad of a fall. Granted these guys know how to take a tumble but still, you'd think he'd have been seriously injured considering how fast they were going. I guess the grass helps. Regardless, I can't think of another sport (with the exception of MMA) where risk/reward ratio is so skewed. I mean jockeys basically get paid nothing unless they're the best in the world and even then the compensation is reliant on whether or not they win. Which is going to make earning a living for Christophe Soumillon, the guy who shoved him off the horse difficult. Here's what he had it say after the race...

"Straight away, I knew I made a mistake. I'm terribly sad with what happened because I hate seeing stuff like this."

"It was not a nice act on my side, and I'm terribly sorry and I want to apologize for what I did today."

He's currently suspended from the sport for two month. Although that's not bad considering he could have been charged with murder. That's it for this one. Have a great Friday.