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The Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs Are Coming To Life This Season

If you haven't gotten around to watching Shoresy yet on Hulu, well then there's a good chance that none of this makes any sense to you. 

But if you have watched Shoresy, well then you know that the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs are quite possibly the greatest fictional hockey team ever assembled. 

If you had a tournament with all the fictional hockey teams ever created, I'd take the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs to at least go to the finals. The Charlestown Chiefs, the Mighty Ducks, the Hamilton Mustangs, the team from Mystery, Alaska, the Halifax Highlanders. I take the Blueberry Bulldogs over all of them because they've got heart, they've got balls, and all they care about is selling out the barn every night and never losing another game again. Plus they have all the motivation in the world when handing out drumsticks in the locker room after a W. Sticks are unreal. 

So when Sudbury has the Saginaw Spirit rolling into town on December 9th, you know we're about to have a shit pumping on our hands here. I know it looks like this is only going to happen for one game right now, but that's how these things work. I mean you have an NHL team that was literally named after a Disney movie. You don't think the Sudbury Wolves are going to pummel Saginaw in these Blueberry Bulldog uniforms and then just switch to being the Blueberry Bulldogs for the rest of forever? Huh?