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King Shit: Mr. Beast Turned Down A $1 BILLION Offer For His YouTube Channels And Brands

This is some KING SHIT right here. Imagine someone offering you a cool $1 BILLION and you have the balls to turn it down????

I can't even fathom being in a position to turn down $1 Million, let alone $1 BILLION! But Mr. Beast has always been someone that has had a vision larger than life. On top of that, he's not just a dreamer. He went from 240 subscribers in 2013 to over 105 million subscribers on his main channel alone. Just a truly absurd amount of growth and he continues to produce some of the best content that YouTube has ever seen.

He has become a living legend and truly other-worldly famous. He had a physical location for his Mr. Beast burger and this was the turnout:

He's one of the most genuine and humble dudes the internet has ever seen. When he went on JRE, he just kept talking about how he doesn't really care about money and just wants to continue to produce the best content possible. I'm paraphrasing here, but his wording was something along the lines of, "I don't understand why someone wants to live their life to just own a bigger box to live in. you'll never be happy and continue to chase bigger and bigger things. That's not a way I want to live life."

Mr. Beast pours everything he has into his content and it's obvious.

Still, $1 Billion is $1 Billion. That's a fuck load of money that even Portnoy doesn't have.

I immediately think about Zuckerberg turning down $1 Billion when he first started Facebook back in July 2006. It's just crazy to think about that sum of money and having the vision/willpower to turn it down.

In the meantime, I'm chasing down 1 million FIFA Ultimate team coins. You tell me which is more important? We're doing a big pack opening today - tune into stream here to pray we pack Ronaldo or Mbappe.