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Matt Rhule Said The Receivers Have To Get Open In Order To Help Baker Mayfield Out

Finally someone besides me sticking up for Baker! We are three games in with a new team and everyone is coming down on Baker for no reason. The reason the stats are so bad is because the line is breaking down and his receivers are sabotaging him. They aren't getting open on purpose to make a point about Baker. 

Remember before the season Robbie Anderson said nooooo when they signed Baker? He was at odds before the season ever started so let the guy get settled. You can hear coach. He is an Alpha and is so prepared every game. This is where my future on the Panthers to win the division gets a little hairy because I heard what DJ Moore had to say. 

He is the best receiver on the team and even did pretty well when Sam Darnold was the QB. He looked like he wanted to laugh in the face of this reporter telling him he needs to get open more. He knew if he said anything here it would be clipped just like this and made as an overreaction but this might have been worse. His condescending answers and smiling didn't help at all. These egos need to go! No matter what get behind your quarterback and win some football games together. I know I am the biggest Baker supporter I think there ever was but everything this man does there has to be drama by the media. He won the fucking game last week and people are still saying he is dog shit. 

I think we need to listen to Matt Rhule. The offensive line has to do a better job so Baker isn't always under pressure. The receivers need to get open for Baker to make the pass. Christian McCaffrey has to stay healthy so Baker has a weapon out of the backfield to keep the defense honest. And Baker needs to simply be Baker by leading his team to victory like the Alpha he is just like he did last week.