Aaron Judge Is Going To Ruin Another College Football Saturday Because He Might Hit The 7th Most Homers In A Season

What the fuck are we doing? Again? Last Saturday all people bitched about was how Aaron Judge kept interrupting college football Saturday with these cut-ins. It's simple. Don't do it. Nobody watching Kentucky-Ole Miss gives a rats ass about Aaron Judge possibly breaking a tie for the 7th most home runs in a season. Cool. Don't even start on the AL vs NL bullshit. We've never done that, we will never do that.

I said it last week and I'll say it again. It's 2022. We can easily find the Aaron Judge at-bat. If I want to watch it I'll use my remote to turn it on. Or I'll look on Twitter. Or I'll do any other way. Why? The biggest problem with it is they do audio for Judge too. We for sure don't need that with how long an at-bat can be. We could lose an entire possession of a football game by the time the at-bat is over. No thank you. If you're that incapable of switching the channel, throw a video on there without any sound, because, again, it's not a record. 

Barry Bonds hit 73 homers. That's the record. 

Oh and don't tell me ESPN is trying to care about baseball, because, why not on Monday? 

There might be 4 people watching Kentucky-Ole Miss that care about Aaron Judge hitting 62 homers. That's less people than Dave screams at WSD for when it comes to a White Sox blog. Stop being an old. It's 2022. If you want to watch baseball, put it on. Want to watch Judge at-bat, fine. Put a little thing on the banner saying Judge is coming up to bat and switch to channel whatever. Just let me watch football and escape these Yankee assholes.