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'Fuck You, I'm Drafting Reggie Bush': Sean Payton's Draft Day Phone Call With Bush's Agent Is Amazing

Reggie Bush may have been the first NFL prospect in history who wanted to play for the New York Jets, but Sean Payton had other ideas.

I guess players have some sort of perceived leverage if they say they'll sit out as long as it takes if they don't want to go somewhere, but make them do it, then. If Eli Manning or Reggie Bush says they're willing to miss out on an entire season of NFL game checks, call their bluff and see how long it actually lasts.

I have a general dislike — more of a fervent loathing, actually — for Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, but I absolutely love this story. "You don't want to play in New Orleans? Well tough shit, kid, because we're taking you with the second pick and it's here or nowhere." And obviously Payton followed through on his promise.

He probably did Bush a favor, too. Imagine wanting to play the most important years of your career with the Jets? This is the definition of dodging a bullet.