'I'm Gonna Come Find You' - Tyreek Hill Claims He Was Disrespected By A Bengals Coach And Wants Some 1-on-1 Time With Him

Well, alrighty then. This is basically what Tyreek Hill does. He's a damn good receiver and will run his mouth at anyone and everyone. This week started with him saying he owed Eli Apple. Frankly, I was cheering for Tyreek Hill. Fuck Eli Apple. Dude was such a bum with the Giants and had to listen to his mom blame everyone besides her son. Just say he stunk because he did. Sure he's gotten better, but he was a bum. I will always think of Eli Apple as a bum. 

Now no one knows what was said: 

But Tyreek Hill has his eyes set on said coach. Good thing for that guy, there's roughly 132 coaches on the sidelines. Could be anyone! That's ultimately the factor we need to know here. What was said? What could be so disrespectful that has Tyreek Hill saying this? Could it be one of these 25 things: 

Think we can rule out squeezer. All-time bad pick there, Dante. At least he called his shot that he'd screw it up in that round. Impressive.

Anyways, just add this Tyreek Hill quote to the weirdness of last night's game.