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INVESTIGATION BLOG: What's A Better Feeling For Gabriella Howell Than Scoring?

Meet Gabriella Howell, a defender and vice-captain for Sutton United. I decided to do an investigation blog after reading her make this comment

She said: "You can be both - you can play football and like wearing high heels."

I've done the investigation and let me report my findings early. Yes. Yes she can play soccer and like wearing high heels. You see, she does both. Not only that but what feels better than scoring? 

Answer: Making a goal-saving play! Congrats to those who knew the answer.

I disagree with her, but that's why this blog is here. We all can come to our conclusions. I personally prefer scoring. Nothing better than realizing you froze the goalie and seeing that ball in the back of the net. But defending is vital to the game. Ask Tim Howard. 

Anywho, here's her playing soccer: 

And here's her wearing high heels and being dressed up proving she can do both: