If The Orioles Were Smart, They Would Walk Aaron Judge Every Single Time He's Up To Bat This Weekend

As Aaron Judge sits on 61 home runs it is only right that the next team he faces is the team that he has absolutely owned for his entire career, my beloved Baltimore Orioles. Their Cinderella story will end this weekend as they will officially be eliminated from playoff contention, but that isn't my big worry. 

I don't want them to give up 62 to Judge. I'll admit it. Over his career he's hit 35 bombs and 79 RBIs in 85 games vs. the O's. The big bastard knows how to hit them. 

So here is what I am suggesting to the Orioles pitchers this weekend, Jordan Lyles, Austin Voth, Kyle Bradish, and the entire bullpen: Simply don't pitch to him. Walk him. Throw up the 4 and get him on first. Pitch around him and DON'T leave one sitting there for him. 

Yankees fans will hate it and it would absolutely frustrate the Yankees, which is a win for the Orioles. The O's have lost countless games earlier this season because just by pitching to him. They had first base open and still tried to slay the dragon. Didn't work soooo many times. This season alone Judge is batting .397 with 9 home runs and 19 RBIs in 15 games. So chances are Judge will lean into one or four this weekend and sit 6th all-time in single season home runs. 

I'm suggesting that the Orioles don't let that happen. While it's been a fantastic year for the Orioles, they'll likely win 20 more games than Vegas said they would, we don't need this black eye on the O's season. Us O's fans already have to deal with Even Meek serving up a meatball to Derek Jeter as a parting gift back in the day. We don't need to see the replay of 62 on repeat with Cedric Mullins tracking it to the wall only for it to land 21 rows deep in Yankee Stadium. 

If Major League Baseball was smart, they'd let this drag out until the end of the season. What's more dramatic than that? Let him go down to Texas and hit in on the final day of the season, would make for a great story book ending! That ballpark hasn't had its signature moment yet, so let Judge hit 62 down there and christen that ballpark. 

No but seriously, Jordan Lyles, please don't hang a slider to Judge. Please don't. He's already got 2 bombs off Lyles this season, don't let it become 3. No shame in walking him. You just can't let him beat you or get the Yankees team record. The O's are turning the page on their doormat days, so why be on the wrong end of history with them again? 

So this is my final message to the Orioles coaching staff and pitchers. DON'T pitch to Judge. DON'T become a trivia answer. DON'T give in to the pressure from the mainstream media. Let the Rangers be on the wrong end of history. Judge has tormented Baltimore enough. Let him get to Texas and mess them up a little or even better not get a pitch to hit the rest of the regular season. The object of the game is to win. You're not going to win if you keep giving up these dongs to Judge. Let him on base with a walk and then get a double play. No need to contribute to the Yankees history anymore. Just walk him. 

PS. 62 is 100% happening tonight even though I specifically asked them not to let it happen.