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Trevor Noah Is Leaving The Daily Show To Focus On "Stand Up"...Sure Thing, Pal!

CNN - The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has announced he will step away from the anchor desk. In a video statement shared on Twitter Thursday, Noah said that after seven years as host of the Comedy Central satirical news program, his “time is up.” “It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected,” Noah said of his experience hosting the show. “I found myself thinking throughout the time of everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, just the journey, more pandemic and I realize that after the seven years, my time is up.”

Yeah..."Stand Up"...whatever you say my guy! As for reality, we all know the real reason Noah is leaving:

Minka to Dua and outright living the South African turned American dream! Of COURSE Trevor Noah has to focus on bigger and better delights in his life. Or maybe combine that with the fact the Daily Show isn't nearly what it was when Jon Stewart was at the helm and leaving has been way overdue. Can't really blame Trevor for getting the hell out. It had to have been an impossible job filling Jon Stewarts shoe's over the past 7 years. I'm not saying Trevor Noah did a bad job at all, but let's be honest, the program is no where near what it once was. The Daily Show at one time was an absolute game changer not only in the comedy sense, but in culture and even in the real life newsworld. And it wasn't just Jon Stewart - look at the number of famous Daily Show Alumni who prospered under his reign. The list is kind of absurd. 

Steve Carrell, Ed Helms, Colbert, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Rob Riggle, Michael Che, Rob Corddry, Olivia Munn, John Oliver, Larry Willmore. You can argue that The Daily Show delivered wayyyyy more consistent talent in the long run than Saturday Night Live over the same timespan. Trevor Noah had, what, Jordan Kleppler? And even he first started on The Daily Show in 2014 when Stewart was around. 

Oh well. Maybe then can find someone to bring The Daily Show back to being that game changer? HA! Not on Comedy Central's dime. Solid, original content is for the birds when you can rerun The Office or South Park for the zillionith time in a row (excluding the early episodes, of course, which are currently heresy to the woke world). And to be honest, for better or worse, I don't think America is going to mind.