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A New Supersonic Passenger Jet Will Get You From NYC To London In Just Over An Hour


A newly designed supersonic jet would be able to fly passengers from New York City to London in just 80 minutes.

Dubbed the Hyper Sting, the conceptual plane would be nearly twice as large and travel twice as fast as the world’s last commercial supersonic jet, Concorde, which was retired in 2003.

The Hyper Sting, at 328 feet long with a 168-foot wingspan, would dart up to 170 passengers across the Atlantic and beyond at speeds of 2,486mph — more than three times the speed of sound.

For a more detailed visual of the "Hyper Sting" supersonic passenger jet, check out this video:

This is honestly pretty cool. 80 minutes ain't shit. I've flown from Chicago to Des Moines, St. Louis and Detroit, all of which are flights that basically take off, go up, then go down. For reference, those flights are all about an hour long, maybe a hair longer. And now it might be possible to get from Chicago to NYC to London in less than half a day? Sick. 

But what about the cost?

I googled what kinda fare people would be looking at if this thing actually comes to fruition, which is sounds like it will considering the amount of press it's starting to get, but didn't get a whole lot other than this quote from the plane's designer: 

“Concorde was a brilliant machine, a noble experiment, but it produced too many emissions in the environment, too much noise in our communities and cost too much to operate,”

Okay so a round trip ticket from NYC to London and back on the Concorde - a now defunct supersonic passenger jet from the 90s - was ~$10,000 and the flight time was a little over 3 hours each way. But because of how expensive it was, how loud the plane was, and how bad it was for the environment, the plane was retired about 20 years ago due to lack of consumer demand. 

The Hyper Sting would use nuclear reactors to propel the plane though, so you can check both emissions and fuel cost off the list. Don't have to worry about those…I think. I'm not a fucking scientist. But I do know nuclear energy is cheap and quiet compared to standard fossil fuels. That should greatly reduce the operation cost of the plane, which is hurdle #1. 

Here's what flights from NYC to London cost on standard travel right now:

Not a whole lot. But if you can get me from the US of A to London in less than 2 hours, I'd gladly pay a premium. Slash that price from $10,000 round trip to something like $1500 and I'd go to London all the time. We have a lot of British listeners on the Dog Walk that love the snake drafts. It's wild and I want to go to ask them "why do you like our show so much" and then get drunk with them. 

It'd be mental, mate. Go and get sloshed up and cream crackered in the pub with me mates. Bag a lass with proper baps. Hopefully she has fit birds me lads can shag too. This is gonna be biblical mate, innit? Just gotta figure out how to make the price of a ticket 90% cheaper…